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  • emojifit Diabetes is a new kind of lifestyle support. It is an App that is 
a real innovation in Type 2 Diabetes management for:
  • weight loss, 
  • blood glucose control, 
  • increasing physical activity, 
  • changing what you eat and how you cook, 
  • remembering to take meds.
"At last, an easy to use, evidence-based App." 
(Anne Kemp CEO Healthy Living NT)

emojifit Diabetes is your personalised life support tool. It uses a structured self-management approach. This App will assist you with managing your Type 2 Diabetes. 
emojifit Diabetes allows you to build an effective lifestyle change plan working on one thing at a time that addresses your biggest concern. 
GROW your confidence to succeed in those lifestyle changes as you take control. 
Want to change a bunch of things? Then make up to 4 plans with emojifit extra.

Hear from Professor Timothy Skinner about how emojifit Diabetes works and how it is making a difference to people with Type 2 Diabetes.

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work on changes that address your biggest concern
guarantee your success in making your chosen lifestyle changes
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Change you lifestyle your way

emojifit Diabetes recognises the importance of your emotions, values and the choices you make about your diabetes. We show you how to fit in your choices with the other important aspects of your life. You choose what you want to work on and how you want to do it. We support your choices with research-based options for managing your diabetes, your way, in your life. 
Based on decision science and evidence-based practice, the App has been developed by our team of experts at Decision Support Analytics.
emojifit Diabetes is a self-tailored program and not a computer-tailored program. 
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Share Your Progress

Your daily actions will help you keep track of your progress, however having ongoing support is also always important. That is why you can share your plans with friends and family (your cheerleaders). You can also securely share your plans with your healthcare team (your partners) so they can support you better.
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Head of the Development Team for emojifit Diabetes

Professor Timothy Skinner of Charles Darwin University heads the development team for 
emojifit Diabetes. Tim is a Registered Psychologist, trained as a Health Psychologist in England. His research and his experience of seeing his sister struggle with diabetes, led him to work on the development of a program for people with type 2 diabetes. This was then adapted further by Timothy and his colleagues to become the DESMOND program for people with type 2 diabetes.
He has worked with our team of mHealth experts, designers and programmers at 
to develop
 emojifit Diabetes.

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