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Red Panda on the cover of Origins Ed2 2017
September 2017 Charles Darwin University Origins Magazine Ed2 features emojifit Diabetes
Come and read all about the high impact research that is being done at Charles Darwin University

Isabelle and Tim Skinner show emojifit Diabetes app my concerns screen
 24th August 2017 emojifit Diabetes selected for the Northern Australia ONPrime program with the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)

This program is "Australia's innovation accelerator designed to turn amazing research into impact"
Headline for emojifit Diabetes in The Age
Andrew Masterton's article about emojifit Diabetes picked up by the Fairfax Media outlets across Australia  
The Sunday Age, The Sydney Morning Herald and WA Today.

"Unlike most people who enter the world of digital start-ups, the Skinners hold no illusions of growing rich off their creation. That was never the point. "At the moment it's working on the smell of an oily rag," says Timothy.

However, that is the point: it's working. The data is coming in, and the results are being written up. (And here, perhaps, we should insert the smiley face emoji. But we'll just write Unicode 1F-600, instead.)".
woman using mobile phone to depict emojifit Diabetes featured in Diabetic Living
Diabetic Living March 2017
New app makes it easier to manage type 2 diabetes
-Carmel Spark
"Staying on top of your diabetes is about more than just trying to keep your blood glucose levels stable.

Blood pressure, blood fats, activity levels and your emotional state all have a bearing on your condition.

But tackling everything at once can make these lifestyle goals seem impossible to achieve. A new free app, emojifit Diabetes has been designed to help you to focus on one to two aspects of your type 2 diabetes management at a time." Read more
emojifit Diabetes by Chris Griffiths from The Australian
In the NEWS
emojifit Diabetes featured with The Diary in The Australian as two new mHealth apps in "Apple Health's ecosystem" using Apple Carekit and Apple HealthKit.
"Another app in Apple Health’s ecosystem addresses the diverse problems in managing Type 2 diabetes. Many sufferers face compounding issues such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, erectile dysfunction and amputation.
The emojifit Diabetes app offers different plans for action depending on medical priorities.
Further, it is structured in the universal language of “emojis”."
Tim Skinner holds a phone to show emojifit Diabetes featured by James Tindale in The Australian
James Tindale of The Australian gives emojifit Diabetes it's fist independent review.
" emojifit is a deliberately unusual experience for anybody used to scheduling or productivity apps.
There is no one-tap reminders or automatically generated calendar events, emojifit demands you slow down and think about the commitments you’re making. In the free version of the app"   

"This is where emojifit gets weird, and potentially wonderful. Professor Skinner and the app’s developers recognise it’s easy enough to set a reminder to take pills, but that kickstarting a weight-loss regime with regular exercise is a lot harder. Setting a low confidence number prompts the user with a friendly “Can you change your plan to feel more confident” message and kicks back to the previous screen. It’s decidedly lo-fi, but in a very human way — the app just wants to make sure you have the best chance of success." Read more... 
Healthy Living NT logo
emojifit has a new partner
A collaboration agreement was signed by the Managing Director of Decision Support Analytics, our parent company and the Chair of the Board of the Australian Northern Territory Diabetes Association, Health Living NT. This collaboration will bring emojifit Diabetes to remote Aboriginal communities and support diabetes educators in the Northern Territory to help Territorians with lifestyle goal setting.
emojifit Diabetes team Tim Skinner, Vivian Lin and D'Arcy Ellis
The team at Decision Support Analytics have launched a new app, Emojifit Diabetes. It is a fantastic tool to help people manage their diabetes. To find out more and download the app visit: The project was funded through the Business Innovation Support Program (BISI). BISI helps NT businesses undertake research and and development which could lead to new products, processes or services. If you have a great idea and would like to find out more on the BISI program visit:
Tim Skinner, D'Arcy Ellis and Isabelle Skinner with a large sun glasses emoji blow up
Northern Territory Department of Trade, Business and Innovation
Business Bulletin 9th March 2017
Diabetes and emoji’s may seem like an odd coupling, yet the team at Decision Support Analytics have combined the two in an innovative app designed to assist people with type 2 diabetes.
Following the successful launch of emojifit Diabetes earlier this month, the next step will be making the app more widely accessible.
"emojifit Diabetes is currently a work in progress. We hope to have it in Android and plan to translate the text into a full suite of languages, including Indigenous languages to make it easier for people in remote communities to use," Dr Skinner said.

NHMRC Partnership grant awarded to Prof T Skinner and team 

Prof Tim Skinner has teamed up with Diabetes WA and successfully won a National Health and Medical Research Partnership grant commencing July 2016.

Summary: The ‘Diabetes Education Self-Management for Ongoing and Newly Diagnosed’ (DESMOND) program was developed in the UK to help people live with their diabetes. It has been shown to be beneficial for a number of ethnic minority groups in the UK and has been trialed in Australia. At the request of Indigenous community and health care services, this project will test whether this program would be widely accepted by and be beneficial to Indigenous Australians.

Northern Territory Government sponsorship logo
Sept 2016 The Northern Territory Department of Trade Business and Innovation awards Decision Support Analytics a BISI grant to develop the prototype for an App for people with Type 2 Diabetes.
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